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Therapeutic horseback riding for all disabilities: Missoula MT!

Author: Anonymous (State of Montana)
Posted: 11/09/2014 @ 11:47 pm
New therapeutic riding program in Florence has openings now! Volunteers welcome, especially weekday and Saturday afternoons!! Please see us on TV and in print! Wildhorse! has long experience teaching all forms of disabilities. Please learn about Wildhorse! at We are getting back in the saddle in Montana after several successful years in California! Volunteer training/parent & student invitational will be provided upon request. Contact person: Dr. Kari Ann Owen, Wildhorse Therapeutic Riding Program, 406 203 2412, Visits welcome at all times by arrangement. Address: Natural Horseman LLC, 3701 East Carleton Creek Rd., Florence MT. Volunteers learn to lead, tie, groom, and tack up our horse in the arena. You will learn how to follow individual lesson plans to help the student physically and emotionally. Lesson cost is $35 and we have never turned away anyone for lack of funds. Our schedule is flexible, especially during the hot summer. Contact: Dr. Kari Ann Owen, Ph.D., for Wildhorse, at 406 203 2412, Wildhorse is under the direction of a registered and certified P.A.T.H. instructor (Kari Ann), who has taught riding since 2001. We have taught children and adults with autism and ADHD, cerebral palsy, anorexia/bulimia, depression and anxiety-related inability to speak, and are open to all physically and emotionally challenged adults. Our oldest student is 80 years old, with Parkinson’s. We have also taught a therapist who was phobic about horses; she overcame her phobia with Wildhorse!